Why Choose a Laptop Over a Desktop

OK, so you’ve decided to buy a computer… let’s suppose you don’t have to be concerned about brand name for your new acquisition, and it’s more a question of whether to get a laptop or desktop. If you are like most South Africans and enjoy the regular weekend getaway, it’s important to be mobile and yet connected. This automatically means a laptop is the better choice.

The main problem with a laptop is the amount of data and software it can hold but you can easily solve this with an external drive or by using a powerful flash drive. It’s also possible to make sure your laptop has a writable CD or DVD drive so you can save files on discs. Another definitive reason why laptops are becoming increasingly favoured over desktops, is that, unlike the general trend many years ago, you no longer have to put up your property for sale in order to purchase a well equipped and reliable laptop.

Other Factors Why a Laptop is the Better Buy

Many assume that because a laptop is lighter and smaller than a desktop, laptop stand boss, it has fewer features and is more like a toy. They could not be more wrong. Laptops can have everything a desktop has or even more. In fact, suppose you go on a trip – the laptop stays with you and allows you to continue working or playing without interruption: if you’ve decided to create an online store, for example, you’ll never be out of touch with your business.

In addition, the latest laptops from Apple are far superior to most desktops. Companies are buying laptops instead of desktops because it’s a better deal and allows their staff to stay mobile. It means being productive while en route to a meeting or while travelling. You can even bring work home and not have to buy a second computer for the house.

What to Look For in a Laptop

If you have decided to get a laptop, consider the following factors. First make sure you get legal software. It does not make sense to buy pirated software because you won’t be able to upgrade or update the software. Plus, you will be constantly living in fear brought about by having bought something illegal.

Second, avoid refurbished laptops. A new laptop is fresh with no blemishes on its hard drive. It also comes with a warranty which is a lifeline in case something goes wrong. Most refurbished laptops are very cheap but without warranty more than a week. That’s not good enough to find out if a laptop is functioning properly.

If you must buy refurbished, go to someone you know won’t pass off a lemon.

Can it be upgraded?

Most laptops are considered throw-aways. It usually does not last as long as a desktop and many are non-upgradeable. This means if you want to spend on a laptop, find out if it is upgradeable and how much it would cost.

The Usual Scams

Security is always a problem in SA, but not all criminals will be deterred by LED floodlights: this is to say that scam-sters are out there, waiting to defraud hard working people. With computers, there are some known scams to avoid:

• Switching specs – you need to check the specs before paying, and once you confirm, don’t allow the laptop to disappear from your eyesight. Not many know how to check the specs, and this can be their downfall because some people change settings and hardware in order to make more money
• Get proof that your software is legal. You should be given the installer kit, properly labelled

In summary, if it’s a choice between desktop and laptop, get the Mac laptop and enjoy the difference. It’ll be obvious from the moment you switch it on.